European Hair Wefts

European Hair Bundles Wefts Extensions With Full Cuticle

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About The Product:
  • 100% European Human Hair With Full Cuticle 
  • Color: #As Picture Showed
  • Style: Wrap Around
  • Weight: 100 Gram per piece
  • Order Three of Packs Per Time, You Will Get a Free Expedited Shipping
  • Usage: Can be curled, Straightened, Tongued, Washed and Restyled Like Your Own Hair. But We do not Suggest to Dye the Pre-Colored Hair and Dyed Just From Light Colour to Dark Colour.
  • Hair Length: The Hairlength 16" 18" 20" 22" 24"  selected.
  • Hair Texture: Straight

Hair Length:

Hair Length

1. The hair length should be measured from the hair root to the hair bottom when the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs developed from straight  wigs, so, for the same length, a curly or wavy wig will be shorter by 1"-2" than a straight wig. 
*It varies depending on how deep the curl is.
2. You can re-style the wig just like regular hair. We highly recommend having your wig customized by a salon professional to  achieve your desired look as human hair can be easily trimmed and styled. 

Hair Care:

1. Before you wash, make sure you carefully detangle the hair using a Wig Brush. Start from ends, and work toward the root to decrease shedding. Use extra care when coming close to the lace to avoid tearing.
2. Using lukewarm water, rinse from roots to ends. Do not soak as this can lead to tangling.
Using a sulphate free nourishing shampoo, distribute a quarter size amount evenly throughout the hair.
3. Use gentle circular motions to clean the cap.
4. Rinse with cool water.
5. Apply conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends. Leave in for a few minutes before rinsing. Do NOT apply conditioner to the root. If dry or damaged, use a deep conditioner.
6. Using lukewarm water, rinse the hair letting the water flow in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling. Squeeze and press the hair; do NOT wring. Towel blot to remove excess water.
7. Gently brush with a Wig Brush. Air drying is ideal, however a blow dryer can be used at a low heat setting.
8. Use a heat protectant product prior to using any hot tools on the unit. Use hot tools at a low to medium setting.
9. Deep condition the unit when extra care is needed.


1. Usually be shipped within 3 business days after your order. Hot-selling inventory wigs will be shipped within 5 business days.

2. We use DHL worldwide shipping, Usually arrive within 3-5 business days after delivery.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect ...well worth the money

I LOVE these. If you’re blonde you need these. The ends are a little thinner which looks super natural. I got the platinum color and I’m gonna buy the white blonde next. It’s amazing

I’ll definitely buy these again

I’ve tried prosphair of extension companies; never found a deal as good as this one!!! The hair is very nice, the tape is holding up like a fresh installation after 2 weeks and a wash.
I have rather thick hair and used two 100g packs and it looks a awesome. Very thin at the ends but nothing a little trim and styling can’t hide.

Good quality for the price!

Color was perfect! Hair is good quality! The ends are a bit thin. Easy fix is to purchase longer hair and trim off ends! I have been wearing extensions for over 5 years and have tried many vendors. I find most hair to be similar. Difference in this hair is the color is true to the photos and the price is very reasonable!

Really liked these extensions

Really liked these extensions. Density is great from tape to ends. My client has had them on for 5 weeks now, they do require a little more conditioning now but nothing major. So far so good they seem like they will last a long while with proper care and conditioning.

They are soft and healthy and stay in very well.

I really liked these.. They are soft and healthy and stay in very well.. They tone well with purple shampoo also. Pictures show straight from package, after there straightened. After toneing. Last is before being toned..