How to Care your hair

Looking after your unit is not difficult however it does require routine maintenance for lasting results. Our units are are very delicate, they are hand made and each strand is hand tied singly. Follow these instructions to care and optimise the lifetime and wear of your full lace wig unit. It is essential to restore the condition of your lace unit as although it is human hair, it does not receive any nutrients from your scalp like natural hair does. 

Using head on your lace wigs can reduce their lifespan. Lace wigs should be treated with respect just like your natural hair. Good care and maintenance will keep hair looking and feeling good for longer. 

Gentleness, patience and daily care are the three key words for proper maintenance. 

How can I prevent my lace wig from shedding?

We recommend using a wide tooth comb on the unit and starting from the bottom working your way up gently in small sections at a time. Do not use excessive pressure when combing. We do advise clients to not use any form of brushes at all as this will weaken the strand and eventually cause the unit to excessively shed.

Do not scratch your scalp through your unit as this will cause shedding, instead pat your head with your hands or remove your unit and treat your scalp with anti-itch shampoo and conditioner and then moisturise your scalp with oil or hair grease to prevent itching. 

Moisture is Key!

Please avoid oily hair sheens e.g. Olive Oil Sheen Spray, Vaseline or other heavy duty greasy products on your lace wig.  

Use serums to keep the hair moisturised. You must maintain the hairs healthy glow and soft texture by keeping the unit well moisturised especially if you have chosen a lighter colour. Any colour that is not virgin processed natural black has been lightened, the lighter colour units are not natural colours and have been processed to achieve. 

We recommend using Argan Plus+ Luxury Oil Treatment as they moisturise the hair without leaving the hair feeling greasy. We would advise using a pea sized amount applied to the hair daily is ample. 

Styling your Lace Wig

Use heat protector serums or sprays before using straighteners, curling wands, blow dryers and other heat appliances. Avoid blow drying the unit, we would advise letting your unit air dry. If you must blow dry the unit, make sure it is on the cool setting. Heat from the blow dryer will damage and spilt the knots and cause shedding. Try not to overuse heat tools as they can cause the hair on your lace wig to dry out considerably. 

Bending rollers are an amazing heat free alternative allowing you to achieve bouncy curls. Braiding your unit in two braids overnight will also give your unit a beautiful natural wavy texture to the next day. 

Cleansing and Conditioning your Lace Wig

We do not recommend washing your lace wig whilst on your head. Ensure the hair has been combed through thoroughly and it is nice and smooth before you start to wash the unit to avoid tangling. We advise co-washing the unit every two - three weeks with conditioner only due to the build up of product used on the hair egg oil or serum. We advise shampooing and conditioning the unit once a month. We recommend using sulphate free shampoo on the unit. 

We recommend washing the unit in a straight line from the crown to the tip. Apply the shampoo/conditioner gently in a downwards motion. Top to bottom the same direction as the cuticle hair strands that are aligned on the cap as opposed to shaking the unit about in a bucket as this will cause excessive tangling. 

At Bedtime: Protect your Hair

Ideally it is best not to sleep with your lace wig on your head. If your unit cannot be removed due to the way it has been fitted or if you simply prefer to keep it on at night, always comb your wig before you sleep. If it is feeling a bit dry, light apply some serum. If you can wrap your lace wig up and use a clip to secure it quite high on your head. This is great because the hair will not be rubbed during sleeping. Silk head scarfs and silk pillow cases are essential to ensure your wig is protected. The friction of the hair rubbing against standard cotton pillow cases can use dryness and tangling. 

Body Wave Units

We recommend sectioning your unit in small sections and use a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. You can use bendy rollers on the unit every few days to maintain the waves as well as leave in conditioner. 

Exotic Curl Units

Our exotic curl units are the hardest to maintain as they require a lot of maintenance, the tighter the curl pattern the more difficult it is to maintain. It is like having your own natural curly hair and the unit will require more moisture compared to a straight or body wave unit. We recommend detangling the unit in small sections and the unit will need to be wet to detangle. Before detangling the unit we recommend using water and conditioner or leave in conditioner in a spray bottle and then detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb in small sections starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. Once you have detangled the hair we recommend putting serum on the hair straight away. With our exotic curl units you can also use a hair lotion or curl activator, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Hair Treatment and Care Free Curl: Curl Activator. 


In order to style the unit we recommend wetting the hair using a water spray bottle and then using a serum and/or a hair lotion straight away because if you do not put any serum on the hair the unit will dry up and tangle. If you would like to use a hair lotion we recommend Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Hair Treatment. You can also use a curl activator on the unit as well, we recommend using Soft Sheen Carson - Care Free Curl.