All About Brazilian Hair -- How Do I Choose a Brazilian Wig

Brazilian hair is 100% Brazilian human hair, it is silk, smooth, and shiny. Brazilian hair is one of the best-selling and best quality human hair on the market.

Brazilian hair is durable, thick, delicate, silky, and smooth, blending well with many types of hair. Brazilian hair will be better in the face of wet conditions, thus reducing hair frizz. It is completely natural and does not pass chemical treatment.

How do I choose the Brazilian hair?

Long & Stunning Body Waves

This is a classic look which you can even get by simple Brazilian virgin hair. For this style, you do not need a lot of curls rolling all over your head. Just simple and soft body waves that will make you look classy and decent.

For people with good height, this look is extremely amazing. Depending on your choice you can control the length of the waves. You can even do this by doing little straightening over your little curls.

Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wigs


Shoulder Length Waves

Unlike long waves, you can also have shoulder length waves which will give you a fresh look. For making this classic style possible with any other hair or even maybe your natural hair you need to focus on one major thing.

Reduce the volume of the hair at the crown near your forehead and do the opposite at the chin. And, you will get the beautiful desirable look.

Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

With your all new Brazilian curly hair and Brazilian virgin hair, you can try out any of the above-mentioned hairstyles. Pick up the one that suits your personality and occasion and get the perfect hairstyle. Try out today on the best hair bundles got from prosphair.

All Brazilian human hair lace wigs can be bleached, black hair can be bleached with brown or #27 blond color.  

Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

To bleach dark hair, we need to use special bleaching products to oxidize and remove the color of black hair,  so the hair color will become blond or brown.

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