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A tangled wig could be your worst nightmare.  When you buy a wig, you want it to "fit."  You want a simple routine to get ready to go out.  Most of all, you want to have the confidence to go out there and know that whatever you're facing, you're doing it all in style.  

But when you find a big tangle, all your plans come to a halt.  Does no one have time for this!  

Here's how to undo a wig and keep those wild hairs.  

Whatever it takes to undo the wig  

Hair tangles can occur for a variety of reasons, from dryness to improper storage to wear and tear.  Good news: You only need a few tools to undo your wig, no matter how it's made.  

First, invest in hair care products (including shampoo and conditioner) that are made specifically for your wig type (human or synthetic).  You will also need to purchase a good wig comb and/or wig brush, both designed to gently brush without damaging the hair.  

While untying the wig, a bottle of spray water also helps to create spray conditioner and tame away.  


Once you have your materials, it's time to start dealing with the tangle.  Here's a short step to help you:  

Step 1: Install the wig  

Place your wig on its holder to make it easier to use.  If you don't have a wig rack (highly recommended!)  , you can use a tripod or something similar.  

Real Human Hair Lace Wigs For Black Women


Step 2: Prepare spray conditioner  

Fill the spray bottle with water, then add conditioner to finish filling the bottle.  Shake well to combine.  If you have a synthetic wig, fabric softener will work well here.  


Step 3: Gently comb and soak your wig  

If you have a few tangles here and there, you can gently comb them out without completely cleaning them.  Spray conditioner on the wig to loosen the tangles.  It's best to start at the bottom of the hair until they're free of tangles, then move up to release tangles.  

How To Wash Your Human Hair Lace Wigs


If you have a lot of tangles, soak the wig in warm water.  Add a little shampoo to the water and let it soak for about 15 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly and wring out excess water before attempting to tease out tangles.  


Step 4: Continue grooming your wig  

If you choose to wash your wig, continue to comb it every 30 minutes or so while it dries.  This helps to keep it free of tangles and maintain its style.  

 How To Comb Your Human Hair Lace Wig

How to maintain and store your wig to avoid tangles  

The best way to untangle a wig is to prevent tangles in the first place.  To do this, be sure to store your wig in a wig rack and avoid wearing it on your bed.  Use only hair care products that are appropriate for your wig type and wash the wig properly.  


Make it a habit to comb your wig regularly.  Removing slight tangles before they become a major problem will make your wig (and you!)  It looks fresh.  

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