How to install a human hair lace wig?

The way to install a wig is not complicated and can be easily worn in a few simple steps. Of course, you need to do something before you wear a wig.

First you need to know how the wigs are packaged.
Wigs come in a variety of styles, so each style is packaged differently. For example, when you open the bag, the bottom part of the wig is filled with plastic paper, and the hair part is folded or tiled according to the length.


These steps are all about maintaining the style of your hair and making it look good. Usually, whether it's curled or straight, the hair is pulled together in a way that's different from the photos you've seen.

Take the wig out of the packaging bag, put your hand in the bottom of the wig and shake it to loosen the hairs. If your wig is curled, please use your fingers or a comb with a larger spacing to comb it. If necessary, use a leave-in conditioner to clean it and comb it to the appearance shown in the picture.

If the wig is straight, use a special hairbrush to lightly brush over it. When you comb out the wig, the hair will become fluffy and have the appearance of the picture you ordered.

If you have long hair, to make sure your wig stays tight, you need to put your hair up and secure it at the back. Or directly wrap the hair with a wig cap, and try to make it evenly distributed in various parts of the head to avoid protrusions. If you have short hair, just comb it all back and expose your ears.

After the preliminary work is done, the installation begins.Follow these simple stepsHuman Hair Lace Front Wigs to put on a wig:

Step 1

Put a wig on your head.

Put the wig on your head like a shower cap, adjust the wig until it is in place.

Step 2

Human hair lace front wigs

Place the wig in the middle, adjust the midline and the position on both sides of the ear, and feel comfortable in the most appropriate position.

If you feel tight or too loose, use the adjustment buckle to adjust the size of wig.

Step 3

Cut off the excess lace. Use glue or hairspray to hold the wig in place after the lace is cut off.

Once the wig is worn, it can be styled as needed.

But remember, in the molding process, must use the specialized tool. Use leave-free conditioner and hair oil to take care the wig.

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