Our cooperation with UK Instagram Influencer with our BOB Wigs

 Nowdays, the social media is the common way for people around the world to connect. Instagram, facebook, twitter, tumbler, pin, etc. and we know some influencer like the famous one on twitter President Donald J.Trump, as known Twitter President. Today we don't talk about the politics, we're talking the Fashion. We worked with Leila #llehlani, she has 71.4K followers, we sent her a bob wig and she rocked it.    She's cute with this picture though   


And the bob style suits all fits, here comes the sport style with this blonde BOB .

And here comes with the simple White T-Shirt

The Bob Hair on the picture is a 12" 100% human hair, Lace Front and freestyle part wig. The blonde color is very pure #613. In this hot summer, this could make you feel cool and fashionable, right?

and the Hairline is natural...can you tell she's wearing a Wig?

This is herself without a wig,big difference, isn't she? So if you want to change a hairstyle, and you don't want to do with your own hair, pick a wig, blonde color, blue color, pink color, purple color, etc. longer hairlength, shorter hairlength, you can make your own decision, What a beautiful tool to change ourselves? 


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