Prosphairshop's offline store is about to open soon, so stay tuned. has been online for a year now and has been praised for the excellent products quality and excellent service. has been online for one year so far, and has been  received for superior product quality and excellent service.

Since the website was launched last year, we updates 5-8 products on average every month. The products are the most popular styles at the moment and have been well received on major social networks.

In addition, we have also launched three special series, ombre color series, online celebrity series and the upcoming pink sweetheart series., as an online store, has always been adhering to the sales concepts of high quality, excellent service, and low prices. All products are synchronized with offline stores.

Human Hair Lace Wigs For Women And Men

Due to different regions, the products purchased on are original human hair wigs, 100% real human hair, suitable for people of all ages. After the customer places an order on the website, we will ship them through DHL Express. After receiving the wig,  customer needs to go to the local salon, and ask the hairdresser to help install it.


About prosphairshop's offline store, many customers have come to ask about the decoration of the offline store for many times recently, and they have been worried about the lack of a suitable wig shop to buy wigs recently. In 2020, in order to provide better services and a more comfortable environment, the offline shop of prosphairshop will be expanded and renovated based on the original. Set up a new sample room, covering the best-selling styles and colors. Different hair types, different lengths, and different curvatures are readily available.



A customer experience area has also been added. When customers do not know how to choose a wig, you can choose to wear it in the customer experience area, and a professional person will answer your questions at the same time. If you are very satisfied with the wig you are trying, you can choose a professional in the store to install and fix the styling for you, and we will provide you with a full range of quality services.


Since is an order made by customers through the Internet, subsequent services do not include such as styling and installation of wigs, so the price will be lower than prosphairshop offline store. But in terms of products quality, there is no difference between website and offline store. We can guarantee the quality of the website products. If you are not satisfied, customers can return and exchange at any time according to the website's return policy.


Our website accepts customers' customized products. For example, if you have special requirements on the size of wig and the material of the lace base, you can place an order from the website. We will complete the production of the wig directly through the factory.


Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, various wig websites are emerging in an endless stream, with varying prices and quality. However, prosphairshop has always maintained its business philosophy for many years, always putting customers first, thinking for customers, and providing quality services.


Prosphairshop offline store will open soon, and there will be more surprise offers waiting for everyone. Valentine's Day Pre-Sale now, come and choose your favorite wigs today!



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