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With the arrival of spring, as women, we begin to prepare to make ourselves look gorgeous. Hair is the most important thing we care about on special occasions. Therefore, if you cannot schedule an appointment in a hair salon, then a "wig" will be the perfect solution to this problem.

Wigs are easy and fun to install, and they can change your look in seconds. Wigs come in different styles and colors, and you'll find a wig that suits you best. These are the most popular spring wig at ProspHair Shop.


  1. Green Ombre Color Bob Wig

A cute and stylish short Bob wig will keep you looking very fresh, green represents spring with a gradient of color that will make you look even more gorgeous. Her Lace Front and Lace Part will have you enjoying the realistic feel of the scalp.

 Green Ombre Color Lace Front Bob Wig

  1. Elegant blonde Gradient Ombre Wig

Blonde is a noble and elegant color, It is a dream for many people to have blonde hair like a fairy in the forest. The light brown on the top of this wig perfectly blends with the blonde color, so you can wear it to many different occasions. You’ll feel nothing but your best rocking this wig on date night, at the office, or out with the girls.

 613 Blonde Ombre Color Lace Front Wig

  1. A fiery Gradient Orange And Red Color Lace Wig

The most important thing about this wig is the natural color transition . You can see that the wig embraces two colors at the same time and that the two colors have a very natural transition. A fiery red color paired with a lively orange color makes this wig looks dazzling.


  1. Cute Pink And Blue Ombre Color Lace Wig

This wig is the new style of Prosphair Shop this year. The lovely light pink color matches the gradient of light blue and dark blue, which looks noble and mysterious. You can wear this wig to attend parties, dinners or any occasions that need to be dressed up.

 Pink And Blue Ombre Color Lace Front Wig

Now prosphair is carrying out promotional activities, come and choose a wig you like!

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