What should you consider before buying a wig?

Wigs are a big trend and the easiest way to hide bad hair style. Whether you want to try out a new hairstyle or cover up a hair loss due to illness, read this article before buying a wig.This article will take you through the material, length, cap size, comfort, color, price, and other aspects to consider when buying a wig.



At present, most of the wigs on the market are divided into two materials, one is synthetic hair wigs and the other is human hair wigs. The price of synthetic fiber wigs are relatively cheap, because the synthetic fiber wigs are made of industrial raw materials, they do not require too complicated maintenance and care. But generally speaking, synthetic fiber wig cannot be dyed and is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is generally not possible to straighten or curled.

Real human hair wig is made of 100% real human hair, which looks very soft and realistic. In terms of maintenance, we need to take care of our wigs like our own hair, use conditioner and essential oils to maintain the hair. Also real human hair can be dyed or heated.

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 I'm sure you won't say no to having a natural and beautiful appearance, despite the complexity of the care.



Long hair looks elegant and beautiful, and can keep warm in winter. But it takes longer time to take care than short hair.

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Short hair is easier to wear, very suitable for summer and the price will be cheaper. When you are ready to buy a wig, be sure to choose according to your daily style, and think about whether you prefer to keep your hair long or short. Once you have decided, I suggest you buy a hair that is longer than the length you decide, so that you can do the haircut.

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Cap size:

For wigs, the cap size of the wig is equally important. It's like buying clothes or shoes, too big or too small will make you uncomfortable. So choosing the right cap size is very important. Many offline shops now offer try-on service, you can try on what cap size is right for you. If you buy from an online store, you can measure your head circumference and tell the customer service, they will help you choose a size that fits you.



For wig beginners, it is appropriate to choose a color similar to your own hair, because you will feel like wearing a hat on your head when you first time put on a wig. Choose the similar hair colors can help you forget that you are wearing a wig.

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For customers who have worn wigs for many years, if you want to make a bold breakthrough, then prosphairshop all kinds of human hair wigs are your best choice.

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Due to the raw materials and production process, the price of a 100% real human hair wig is relatively expensive. The general price will be between 100-1000 US dollars, and even the price of some wigs may be around 2000 US dollars. But don’t worry, most of the wigs on the prosphair website are between 100-300 US dollars. While meeting your needs of various colors, we provide you with a lower price than the local store. And in the Black Friday promotion next month, you can even buy a human hair wig at an absolutely low price.

You need to take all these factors into account when choosing a wig. Of course, you should also consider the different occasions you attend, and the wig you choose must be up to date.Last but not least, choose something you like.

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