When Should I change a new wig? - Prosphair Shop

1. Doesn’t shine.
With human hair, shine is a very important health factor. You can use some essential oils to make your hair look shiny, but if the day comes when you feel like your wig won't shine, it could be a sign that it may be time for a new wig.

2. The ends are frayed and Unrepairable.
Unrepairable is a very important conclusion. Minor breaks can be repaired, but if there is a break in the middle that extends through the wig, you may need to replace a new wig.

3. The hair of the wig is now dry and frizzy.
Remember what your wig looked like when you got it? The hair is soft and smooth. If you spend hours of your week detangling, put down the comb... it’s time for a new wig.

4. The wig cap is stretched out and no longer fits your head.
A wig should fit snugly without being too tight and squeezing your scalp. If your wig cap has become stretched out and can’t provide a secure fit, it has to go. A sign of this may be that you have to adjust your wig's placement frequently throughout the day.

5. Maximum shedding.
All wigs shed with normal wear and combing. This shedding should be minor. If your wig experiences some loss of hair, you can see an expert at your local wig salon. They may be able to add additional hair weft back to your wig. If they can’t fix it, treat yourself to a replacement wig.

6. New Style wig coming or big sale promotion.
In this case we are not suggesting that you change your wig, but that you have two or three wigs to replace. For example, there is a new wig stye that you like very much, and if there is also a big promotion, you can buy the wig you like during this period. This way you can have different looks for different occasions.

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