Bleached knots, Plucked Hairline For All Women Wigs And Men's Toupees!

When customers wear wigs, the most important thing is whether the front hairline is natural, especially customers who buy men's toupee wigs, they are very fancy about the front hairline.
In the product categories of, men's toupee wigs are divided into three categories based on the different base materials, including full lace base, knot base, and mono base. The last type of afro toupee is based on the hair quality.

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The Skin base type toupee wigs looks the most natural and the most suitable for men. Skin bases with different thicknesses have different life spans.
We have 02mm-04mm, 04mm-06mm, 06mm-08mm, 08mm-10mm thicknesses skin base hair system.
These four thicknesses are best used for two weeks, one month, three months, and six months.

Because the base material is PU, the front line of the hair is completely fitted after wearing, it looks very natural, just like the real hair.

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In addition to this hair systems, the front lines of the other two toupee wigs are also very natural.

Lace base and mono base toupee wigs are mostly lace base in the front hair line. When weaving hair by hand, black knots will be generated  will inevitably produce marks. To avoid this, we used a new toupee wigs technology, bleached knot.

 The bleached knot is a dyed white knot on the black part of the front line of the toupee wigs, and the black knot part is completely invisible after wearing. This will make the hair replacement looks very natural. And the lace base is very breathable, it does not affect daily activities after wearing, can also be used while running and swimming.

 Not only men do pay attention to hairline issues women also pay attention.

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Bleached knots also applies to women's hair wigs.  Women's wigs will also have Plucked Hairline.  Pre-plucked exactly in accordance with the shape of the human hairline, make the hairline look very natural. Women's hair wigs also come with some baby hair and can be weared without additional construction.
Each wigs will be pre-processed by a certain procedure. If you purchase a wig from our website, you can be worn directly after receiving the wigs, which is convenient and quick. has bleached knots and Plucked Hairline hair wigs for all products currently on the shelves. You can buy them with confidence.
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