How to Distinguish Synthetic Hair Wigs and Human Hair Wigs

Now there's a lot of variation in the price of human hair wig websites, some sites that charge high prices and other sites charge low prices. Many customers have even received products and found that the wig they received were not real human hair wig as the seller said. They are synthetic hair.
How to distinguish hair quality has become a problem for customers.
In fact, the method of distinguishing synthetic wigs and human hair wigs is very simple.
First of all, you can tell from the photo. Real human hair wigs are natural and supple, do not knot, can make all sorts of modelling. Synthetic wigs are easy to knot, so don't choose too delicate shapes when you're modeling, it gives priority to with braid hairstyle more, there is a kind of plastic simple sense after wearing.

1.Synthetic Wig
synthetic wigs


2.Human Hair Wig

human hair wigs

At a glance, most synthetic wig products can be avoided. But many customers are buying wigs for the first time, and it's not always possible to tell exactly what kind of wig it is based on the details of the photo, so the price of the product can be a guide.

Among the real human hair wigs, the highest quality is the hair that is completely cut from the same person's hair. The scales on the hair are in the same direction. These hair have less raw materials, so the price will be higher.
Plus a hand-woven part, a normal 20-inch front lace natural wig, the price will be around $200.
The price of the Full lace wig is more expensive on this basis.
The main material of the synthetic wig is synthetic chemical fiber, which is dyed and smoothed by chemical treatment. If they are hand-woven, the price of a chemical fibers are less than 100 US dollars. If they are full weaving, the price will be reduced on this basis.
After the above basic judgment, presumably most customers are able to screen out real human hair wigs. However, after buying the wigs back, you still need to check the product to ensure that will not be cheated.
The method of checking whether the hair is synthetic wig or real human hair is also very simple. The experienced customer only needs to touch the wig to distinguish. The human hair is very smooth, and it will not be knotted by hand combing. The touch is delicate and the hair is basically the same as our real hair.
Usually, the synthetic wigs are not soft to the touch, and the color are not as good as the human hair wigs. After the above steps if not completely distinguish the difference between chemical fiber hair and human hair, can also use the combustion method, from the product to take down a hair ignition, if there is the smell of burnt feathers, you can determine that it is human hair.
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