How to make yourself better at home during the COVID-19?

Because of the virus, many people have to quarantine at home. No need to go out means no need to spend a lot of time to take care of your hair and makeup.


After a few days, you will find that staying at home does not mean that you do n’t need to spend too much time on makeup and hairstyle. Usually a video call from a friend or family member requires you to have to get up and clean up.


Here are six tips for takinIn addition, prosphairshop also introduces tools for wigs that do not require any glue or tape - Wig Fix. The material of this product is silicone, no pollution, will not have any impact on the body, long use time, make the wig easier to wear!g care of yourself.

A. Use your phone's filters.
The filters have definitely saved the time of some people who don't want to spend time of makeup. No matter how bad your skin is or how bad your hair is, you can get it all done with one click.

B. Take the mask, just need an eye makeup.
The effect of relying too much on the filter of the mobile phone may be unreliable. Even in this special moment, there will be uninvited guests,  the filter cannot help you maintain a good state, so you need to do it yourself.

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First, wear the mask, and then apply light makeup to the bare skin. This is a few simple steps for someone who do makeup usually.

C. Do a simple hair style.
As time goes on, accidents will appear in every corner of your life, and after you put on your makeup, your hair will still be a mess. 

Thinking of a series of complicated steps to take care of your hair, you even think about if someone comes to your house, you refuse to meet. But that's clearly not possible.

You can never go wrong with your hair by combing it all up or tying it half up and half down. This will not only make you look very energetic, but also cover up all the deficiencies in your hair.

D. Use a curling iron or straightener to lightly treat your hair.
But you are a daily elegant person after all, simple and sloppy is not your style. You're willing to spend a little time getting your hair in order. At this time, you need to use curling irons and straightening plates to curl or straighten your hair. You are definitely the most elegant girl! Finally, take a picture and share it on the social medias, gain more praise from others.

E. Choose the latesthuman hair baseball cap wigs!
If you think it is a hassle to take care of your hair, then I recommend you to purchase the latest baseball hat wig from!

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Fashionable hat with hair wefts, there is no trace of wearing it on your head. You don't need to cut the hairline, wearing a hat is equivalent to wearing a wig.

F. You can prepare a wig that has already been treated.
Some people think that I don't like hats, and since I have chosen a wig, it is better to choose a very good and exquisite wig. Yes you are right! During COVID-19, in order to give customers a better experience, prosphairshop specially launched an online tutorial service on wig treatment. Any customer who purchased can contact us, and we will answer and provide you with wig tutorials.


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