Prosphair Shop Q&A Time!

The wig brand of prosphair must be familiar to people living in Paris, France. It is a wig brand that has been established for many years and has been trusted by customers with high-quality wigs and excellent service.

In the first half of 2019, in order to provide better customer service and experience, prosphair started online sales services and renovated offline stores.

However, due to Covid-19, prosphair's offline store did not open in early 2020 as planned, but online sales at continued as usual.

Here we have sorted out a few questions that the customers are interested in to communicate with you guyd again.

 A. Is your website legal? How to prove your website is legal?

Our website has a security certificate, which is registered by the government just like offline stores. The third-party payment channels we cooperate with are also authoritative enterprises, and customers can purchase with complete confidence.

Human Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs

 B. Why didn't I receive the package shipping information after I placed the order?

If the customer does not receive the real-time updated logistics information within four to five days after placing the order, it is normal please don’t worry. After placing the order, we need three to five days to dye and maintain the wig to ensure that the wig you receive is of the highest quality and as your expected.


Colored wigs undergo oxidation over time after they are dyed. The longer the time is, the more the color of the wigs are changes. Therefore, we will bleach and dye the wig after the customer buys it to ensure the bright color of the wig.


If the customer buys a natural or 613 blonde wigs, we usually ship it within 48 hours.

Now due to the influence of COVID-19, the time required for goods transportation increases, and the update of logistics information may be delayed. International shipping may be delayed by 2-3 days.

 C. Why does the wig I received have a special smell? Why does it lose color when I wash it?  

This odor is the smell of hair dye, which will disappear after washing.

Since our products are 100% human hair wigs, floating colors will occur during the dyeing process, and certain colors will fall during washing. But it will not affect the color of the wig itself. After the floating color is cleaned, the wig will not fade.

 D. Why does my wig become frizzy after washing?

Our wig is 100% human hair, after washing, customers also need to care for their own hair in the same way to care for the wig, hair conditioner is essential.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

In addition, the secondary dyeing and perm will cause different degrees of damage to the wig. After receiving the wig, customers want to continue processing on this basis according to their own wishes, please handle with care.

 E. I don't think the wig I received had a 150% density.

Except for the wigs with obvious signs, the density of all wigs on our website are 150% -160%. 

Color wigs are made with 613 blonde hair, the hair strands of blonde hair will be thinner than natural hair.  Visually, it's a little thinner, but we guarantee that all the colored wigs have a 150% density.


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