New Products For HD Lace Human Hair Wigs

In the middle of the year when new products are launched, prosphairshop's summer promotions are in full swing. While preparing to give back to our customers, we have not forgotten to improve ourselves, actively develop new products, combine with the fashion trend, and launch new products in the summer season.

   Today I want to introduce the new HD lace wigs!  

HD lace wigs may be unfamiliar for most customers. In previous products, brown lace and transparent lace are usually used for wigs.

   These two laces fit the skin, soft and breathable, using these two lace products, the hairline is very natural.

However, these two products also have weaknesses. Brown lace is softer, but more suitable for African Amercian women. If women choose to wear brown lace wigs, they need to use a foundation to cover the wig. Therefore, most female customers choose transparent lace products.

These two lace products have their own advantages and disadvantages. When buying products, customers can adjust and modify them according to their characteristics, and it will not affect the actual wearing effect.

 HD Transparent Human Hair Lace Wig

But our newly launched HD lace products are different. High-definition lace products combine all the advantages of these two lace products. Not only is it soft and breathable, but it can also be completely invisible.

   So why can HD lace do this?

   First of all, this HD lace is much softer than brown lace products and transparent lace products in texture, so it can fit the skin more.

  Second from the thickness, HD lace is very thin. Put the high-definition lace on the skin of your hand for comparison, and no trace of the high-definition lace can be seen at all.

HD Transparent Lace Wig

  HD lace products have one of the biggest characteristics, that is, they ignore the differences in customers' skin colors. Because it is lighter and thinner, no matter what skin color you are, after wearing it, the lace will be completely invisible.

  Prosphairshop launched two HD lace wigs with natural straight hair and natural body waves.

  The hairline of these two products is processed by a special designer. At the same time, there is baby hair for customers to choose lace style when install the wigs.

   However, due to the characteristics of the HD lace prosthesis, the production time is longer than other ordinary wigs, and the cost is higher, so the current number of launches is limited.

   The length of these two wigs are also between 18 inches and 24 inches.

  If you have a favorite customer and like long-haired customers, you can choose to contact our customer service staff for special customization.

The summer sale is coming, have you chosen your favorite wig?

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