- Brand new technology, brand new wigs!

Entering July, more than half of 2020 has been spent. In the past six months, how many new products have you tried?

Prosphairshop has always been committed to providing customers with a high-quality customer experience, updating the design of new hot-selling products in the season according to the different fashion trends of each quarter.

Usually, this kind of new products are innovated in shape and color with small changes, which makes the production time relatively shorter and customers can receive their desired goods in a shorter time.

But as the market expands day by day, when we launch new products, the whole market also launches new products at the same time.Our hair stylists and marketers often think about how to design and improve new products.Ensure that the customer wear comfort.Such as: wear way, wear time, cleaning method, hair service life and so on.

This month, our wig designers finally made a breakthrough in the art of making wigs.Using a new manufacturing process, the wig produced better wearing effect, hair density has been greatly improved!

The main direction of this technological reform is the lace. The old products are made by hand by workers and look natural, but the labor cost and material cost are very high, many customers who like wigs can not afford this expensive product.

New technologies focus on this. The new process products are all made by machines, with PU as the base and attached with lace, which looks very natural from the appearance. After wearing, the hair seems to grow out from the scalp.

The biggest problem with machine production has always been that the appearance does not look natural, and this technological innovation has broken through this problem. The new hair root injection technology and the use of bionic PU make the entire wig imitate the pattern of real human hair growth, thereby fundamentally solving the unnatural problem after wearing.

Apart from looking very natural, easy to wear is also a big feature of new products this season.

It is well known that when wearing a wig, the lace part in the front should be fixed with glue. Glue is harmful to human body, and long-term use can even lead to various skin problems.

With our new product, you can use the wig fix silicone strap to wear the wig. The PU and lace parts rub against the protrusions on the wig fix to achieve a fixed effect. At the same time, the raised part can also act on the head, massaging the head while wearing the wig, promotes blood circulation, and can also improve skin problems.

New products are easier to wear than previous ones.But because of the material, it will be thicker than traditional wigs and more suitable for clients in colder weather!

Are you interested in this natural and simple new wigs? Let us know in the comments!

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