New style for the second half of 2020, get ready for festivals!

As several festivals came in the second half of the year, the Prosphairshop also updated many new styling wigs in succession, customers can purchase according to their own preferences and prepare for the holiday in the second half year.Now come and follow me to have a look, what are the products!

According to the different style of products, there are 3 categories of new products in this season. Firstly,  blond and black color wigs, secondly, brown color wigs, and finally,  color wigs with dark roots. The new wigs of this season have undergone great changes in color and style.

First, Blond and Black Ombre Color

This kind of product is very suitable for daily wear, on the basis of monotonous black added blond as a match color, so that the black increased a lot of nifty, and will not appear too heavy. Using the most advanced color mixing technology, the two colors of blond and black are perfectly mixed together. The two curves of Natural Wave and straight hair give customers more choices. They are very cute and not too exaggerated. Very natural style suitable for daily work and school.

Human Hair Full Lace & Lace Front Blonde Styled Wigs

The second category is brown color lace wigs.

This time Prosphairshop totally updated two brown color products, one is light brown and the other is warm brown.

As soon as these two products were launched, most of the feedback from customers indicated that they received a lot of compliment for wearing these two wigs in their daily life.'s two newly launched products not only have an advantage in curvature, but easy style and very natural front hairline are also reasons for many customers to choose these two wigs.

 Human Hair Full Lace & Lace Front Brown Color Styled Wigs

In addition to the two daily wear collections mentioned above, we have updated several colorful wigs with black roots.These wigs of this style is dyed black on the top. Customers can bleach the knot according to their preferences, which looks very natural, just like their own hair.

And in this update, we have also added a variety of dyed products, like ginger, Sliver Grey, Pink, Light Blue, Agean Blue and other colors.


Customers can choose any color according to their preferences.These colorful hair styles combine with the popular colors of the second half of the year to give the whole wig a natural and personal look. If you want to protect your hair from damage while trying out new colors and styles, these wigs are perfect for you.

Please come to purchase your desired products asap. I believe that you can match the most suitable and beautiful wig styling and become the focus!

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