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  HOME COMING is coming soon, have some new style wigs. Several new wigs will be launched this month, which are suitable for everyday wear. Now come and follow me to look what are the new wigs! This time has two major categories depending on the product type. 

  These new products are divided into two categories according to the product type, the first type is hair wig. There are two different mesh styles, lace front base and full lace base.

  Black-based, these new products has a fundamental change in hair curly compared to the previous single-curl products.

A. The first is the addition of new Italian curly wigs.

Lace Front Wig

  The Italian curly is more textured than the traditional curly, and it looks very cute to wear. It is a nice curly that is very suitable for young people to wear.

   Once this product was launched, it received the love of countless students. Most of the feedback from customers showed that they wore Italian curly wigs in their lives and they received many praises.
This new product not only has an advantage in the curly, but the natural front hairline is also one of the reasons why many customers choose this product.

  It doesn't look like a wig, just like your own hair. But maybe someone would ask, what shoule I do if I don't like hair with curly?

  We have also considered this point, so this time we have a new different product style - Yaki curly. This product is different from the wigs that are very thick and have a small curly wigs on the market. This yaki curly product combines the smoothness of straight hair with the qualities of yaki curly itself, which is the perfect combination of the two kind of wigs.

   In addition to these two products, prosphairshop also launched a new explosion-product that is popular among users on Instagram.

Lace Front Wig

  The wig’s curly is loose curl, the curvature is between the curly and body wave, suitable for all kinds of shapes, high-end atmosphere.

   The color is based on the most advanced color mixing technology, which perfectly blends the three colors of blonde, brown and black, making the whole wig look very natural.

   After wearing it, the elegance of the black hair and the sensuality of the blonde are the most popular wigs of this year. Similarly, this product has two bases, full lace base and lace front base, which can be selected according to your needs.

B.The second category is the hair extension

Compared with the previous straight hair products, we have added a lot of curve bundles, which makes the customers' choices wider. With closure and lace frontal, we can match a complete wig look.

Usually, you need three bundles with a closure or frontal to make a complete wig. It is easy to operate and you can wear it yourself with a simple tutorial.

Lace Front Wig

Heartbeat is not as good as action, come to to purchase your favorite wigs, I believe that you can match the most beautiful wig look that suitable for you in Home Coming.

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