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During the Idaroville concerts on September 7, Karol G appeared on the stage in a red shape. The atmosphere was warm and full of climax. Karolg's wonderful singing and dancing was even more impressive.
Karolg has previously appeared in green with Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, rappers and model J Balvin. Two very different and extreme color styles were perfectly mastered by karolg, who not only set the scene, but also caused many fans to imitate. But our goddess karolg is not content with these two colors. She has been featured in numerous eye-catching looks in her Instagram posts, so let's take a look at some of her most popular looks.
The first is the red and green look, which paired with black hair and blonde hair respectively. The two looks are hot and charming, which brought all the fans' emotions on the scene.

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Similar to the above two pure red and green color series are pink, white and black.
Pink modelling first appeared in an interview, pink wig and pink clothes, making the whole person are cute.The collocation of this kind of color fastens very line color of skin, make the person becomes young rise.

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Both the white and black styles karolg recently Shared on Instagram are cool and noble in white and sexy in black, both of which are paired with blonde hair.

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White looks more casual than other styles, and the most popular one of the season is also suitable for everyday wear.
The modelling of black is a suit of sexy black corset, it is to look merely, let a person move not open eye god.
Among these styles, the most attractive is blue one.
A long blue dress, long fringed sleeves and a waist-tight design perfectly outline her sexy figure. Paired with long blonde hair, it is arguably the most popular look of the year.

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The modelling of Karol G mostly has a few commonalities, basically be with long skirt is in the majority, these long skirts adopt the design that collect a waist mostly, tail and cuff place have tassel more, color is bold and exaggerated, make it whole appears sexy and hot, lead fashionable trend.
After introducing the shape of karol G, I would like to mention her recent developments. In order to promote the Gothic comedy animated film "THE ADDAMS FAMILY" released on October 11, Migos and the stars such as Snoop Dogg, Karol G and Rock Mafia presented the original soundtrack episode "My Family", in the MV, karolg The hot dance made people shine, and the song made many fans screamed and satisfied.|Best Human Hair Women & Men Lace Wigs Online Store

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