Prosp Hair Shop-The process of dyeing wigs

After buying 613 blonde lace wigs, we can do any coloring on the hair. But can we dye the hair after buying black lace wig?

All human hair lace wigs can be bleached, black hair can be bleached with brown or blonde color.  

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

To bleach dark hair, we need to use special bleaching products to oxidize and remove the color of black hair,  so the hair color will become blond or brown.

The bleaching process of the wig looks complicated, but it is actually very simple. Mix the bleach powder with the hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 2, and the hydrogen peroxide plays a catalytic role in accelerating the oxidation. When mixed with bleach, it produces a chemical reaction that fades dark color lace wigs. 

Then you need to apply the prepared bleach evenly on the wig that needs to fade, and wrap the coated part tightly with tin foil.

The purpose of this step is to block light and ensure that the oxidation reaction proceeds.

After standing for 10-20 minutes, use a hair dryer to heat.

After heating for 5-7 minutes, leave the wig for 10-20 minutes.

Finally, take apart and clean the wig.

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs


After this series of steps, the original color of the wig will be washed away. If there is still color remaining, you can follow the steps above to restart the operation.

But it is best not to dye the wig more than three times to avoid damaging the hair.

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